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This spell pays homage to Ceridwen, a Welsh Goddess and nurturer of Taliesin, a Druidic Bard. She is invoked here, and asked for the gift of inspiration.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Cauldron Seeds (preferably of wheat)
White candle
1 part rosebuds
1 part cedarwood chips
1 part sweet myrrh

Casting Instructions for 'Inspiration'

Blend your incense the night before you plan -to use it. Light your incense and the candle. Place the cauldron in front of you and half fill with wheat seeds. Stir the cauldron clockwise three times and let the seeds trickle through your fingers as you say
Ceridwen, Ceridwen
I seek your favour
Just as you searched for the boy Gwion
So I search for the power of Awen
Inspiration to be what I must
to discover the known
And to flow with change.
Grant, I pray, this power".
Since Awen is a threefold gift you should repeat the stirring of the cauldron twice more-or alternatively once on each of the following-two days. When you have finished, tip the remains of the incense into the cauldron and bury the contents. The candle may be snuffed out, but do not use it for anything else.
Ceridwen is said to have brewed herbs together to bring the gift of inspiration to her ugly son Agfaddu.Gwion was set to mind the potion but, in being splashed by the potion, absorbed its powers. In escaping the wrath of Ceridwen he became a seed of corn and was swallowed by her in the guise of a blackhen. The Welsh bard Taliesin born nine months later was thus an initiated form of the boy. Artists, writers and poets can all seek this kind of inspiration.