Money Powder Cross Spell

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This is how to use a few nickles to Magickally attract success.

You will need the following items for this Spell
White rice
Powdered sugar
Basil leaves
2 red candle
2 green candle
7 coins
Frankincense oil

Casting Instructions for 'Money Powder Cross Spell'

Money Powder Cross Spell
STEP 1: Spread a layer of raw white rice within a baking pan.
STEP 2: Cover the rice with a layer of powdered sugar.
STEP 3: Sprinkle some crumbled fresh basil leaves on top.
STEP 4: Lay seven coins on top of the powder in the form of a cross. I recommend using Nickles. If you are not in the U.S. use your favorite coin from your country.
STEP 5: Dress two red and two green candles with any money drawing oil. (If you're not sure, just use Frankincense oil)
STEP 6: Place one candle at each arm of the cross.
STEP 7: Burn the candles completely while visualizing your desired goals.
STEP 8: Gather up the nickels, some of the powder, sugar and rice, plus any wax remnants that may have formed, and place them in a mojo bag.
STEP 9: Wear this or keep it in your place of business, or your home.