Simple Motivation and Success Potion

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As the title states. You don't have to drink the potion if you don't want to, you can rub some on your skin to cast it too.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Rain water
Agate/Jasper/Clear Quartz (only need one but You can use all if You want)

Casting Instructions for 'Simple Motivation and Success Potion'

Gather your rain water (also, if you're going to drink this you should filter/purify your water, rain water is not always safe to drink) and heat it up, using it to brew your coffee.
Now take your crystal(s) and hold it above or next to your drink to charge the coffee.
Say: ''with these/this crystal(s) I bless
this drink for motivation and success
so I can achieve my goal
help me take control'
Now add cinnamon to it for an extra kick (also because it tastes nice) and drink it. If you don't want to/cant drink it then rub some on your