***KARMA Spell***

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Give karma back to someone.
This can be either good or bad karma, depending on the person's actions and behavior.
Everyone gets good and bad karma depending on their actions and behavior - this spell should just speed that up.
The following spell is somewhat advanced and you should use it at your own risk.
Some 'spell ingredients' should only be performed if you've been doing witchcraft for a long time and you KNOW what you're doing. I am not responsible for anything that happens when this is performed. Use at your own risk.

You will need the following items for this Spell
- Full name of the person
- Piece of paper and pen To write or
(If You can get a picture or something of theirs, such as something that belongs to them or just something such as hair, blood, nails, and so on, it will make the spell stronger, but this isn't necessary.)
- Candle
White for good karma
Black for bad karma
- Blood (Your own) - optional, but this will make the spell stronger, because blood is very powerful in witchcraft.
- Full Moon - optional, but more often than not, the full moon will have an effect on Your spell and make it more powerful.
- Dragon's Blood incense - Dragon's Blood is a powerful incense that often is used to banish bad energies and clear the room/house/elsewhere of bad negative things and even to get rid of ghosts/entities that are harming You or troubling You.
(You can also use Sage, if You prefer that and/or You do not have Dragon's Blood)
- Bandaid - if the blood option is performed.
- Focus/Belief - without it, this will surely fail.

Casting Instructions for '***KARMA Spell***'

Begin by writing the name of the person on a piece of paper you wish to give/send karma to.
You may also draw a pentagram/pentacle on it, or use your own (any that you possess).
If you have any belongings or anything from that person, add it together with the name.
Light the candle and focus on it and envision the person getting karma - good or bad.
It's important that you're in a quiet place and you're focused/concentrated.
Light the incense
Feel the energy around you and from the candle and the incense. Clear your mind and focus on what you are about to do.
Cut your finger slightly and pour some blood on the paper and on the candle
Chant 3 times
Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit - I ask the Gods and Goddesses to hear me on this night! I wish to send this person karma back through dark or light! This person has caused me (pain or happiness) and I wish to return the very feeling on this Full Moon night! By the power of the Gods and Goddesses, By the power of Karma and the power invested in me, By my very blood and the act of Justice! Please bring karma back to (Name of Person) So mote it be!
Feel free to blow out the candle and clean up the blood, if necessary (use a Bandaid).
Good luck!
Blessed be.