10 Knot Witches Ladder

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Use like most other witches ladders but to help with justice and love as well a many other uses.

You will need the following items for this Spell
•Beads (whatever colors You'd like)
•White thread or yarn

Casting Instructions for '10 Knot Witches Ladder'

To make your first knot is to hold your thread, (this is more of a braid), and chant the following before you recite your wish.
By knot of one this spells begun
By knot of two my intentions are true
By knot of three bring to me
By knot of four the only chore
By knot of five the man/woman alive
By knot of six he/shes innocent
By knot of seven return them
By knot of eight so be the fate
By knot of nine this thing of mine
By knot of ten my spell has come to its end