3 bells of wealth

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Ring in a little new money with this easy wealth spell. Any type of bell will do, but try to use a silver one if you can.

You will need the following items for this Spell
• A silver bell
• 3 green candles
• 1 silver or white candle
• Pine oil

Casting Instructions for '3 bells of wealth'

Anoint all 4 candles with pine oil, and set up a triangle with the green candles and the silver one should be in the center. Anoint your hands with a little of the oil as well. Light the green ones, and ring the bell three times. Repeat the following
Ring, ring, ring
The sound of the bells
Ring, ring, ring
The sound of all wealth
Light the center candle, ring the bells three times again. Say
Ring, ring, ring
Bring money to me
Ring, ring, ring
By the power of three
Leave all of the candles alone to burn out naturally. Leave their stubs along with the bell on your altar until you see some new money coming into your life.