3 Candle Friend Attraction Spell

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A spell using candles, herbs, and crystals to attract friendship.

You will need the following items for this Spell
-1 brown candle (for friendship)
-1 pink candle (for friendship, love, and feminine energy)
-1 gold candle (for happiness, success, and masculine energy)
-dried rosemary (for friendship and masculine energy)
-dried catnip (for friendship, love, and feminine energy)
-rose oil (for friendship, love, and happiness)
-rose quartz (for friendship, love, and happiness)
-a long screw or a cuticle stick

Casting Instructions for '3 Candle Friend Attraction Spell'

To be performed on a waxing moon (as the moon grows, so will future friends' attraction to you) and on a Sunday (the Sun's day, relates to prosperity and friendship) or a Friday (Venus' day, relates to love)
I suggest using votives because you'll be making holes in these candles and filling them with oil and herbs that are specific to attracting friendship.
Make 3 holes in each of the 3 candles using your screw or cuticle stick, then fill them with a few drips of rose oil and the rosemary and catnip. Allow them to sit in the sun along with the rose quartz to cleanse. I for instance did this from Friday to Sunday, so they were all cleansed by the Sun's day. When you decide it's the right to cast your spell, cast the circle as usual and sit with the candles and crystal to infuse them with your personal power. Focus on how much you want a friend, how much fun it'll be to spend time with them, what kind of friendship you want. Light them, hold the rose quartz crystal in your hands, then say the following
'Mother Goddess and Father God
A friend is what I seek
And I ask that I may no longer be meek.
Help me shine and glow
So that an attraction they will show.
Male, female, or in between
Make it so I will be seen.
May they be kind, may they be rare
May they be willing to share.
A friend who offers their support and love
And sees me as someone to be proud of.
A person who will understand
And when I need it, will hold my hand.
Someone who loves to laugh and have fun
And is as unique as the midnight sun.
Bring this friend to me
This is my plea
And harm none, so mote it be.'
You may edit the second portion of the spell to fit the type of friend you want. Remember, this spell is all about the kind of person you want to attract into a platonic relationship, so make it your own! After reciting the words, close the circle and allow the candles to burn out on their own safely. I hope you all find friends that value you and respect you just as you do them! Blessed be!