3 doors of Imagination Ritual

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These is a Ritual about 3 doors of Imagination there will be 3 Demons Per Round *Warning* Doing this can be very Dangerous Make sure you follow the rules)

You will need the following items for this Spell
Needs to be 3am *
Need to be in the bathroom with all lights out in the house*
3 Candles any color make sure each one is different any color effects the Ritural*
Paper at least 3 and a pen*
Be alone

Casting Instructions for '3 doors of Imagination Ritual'

*Doing this Ritual is dangerous make sure you follow the rules and dont break them *
First round your going to light one candle,Then right down IceFlare in messy hand writing, Look in the mirror and hold the paper then put your hands on the mirror then look at the mirror and say..
'Iceflare in the Candle of (The first color you light), Summon
yourself, And we will play a game of Hide and seek,Iceflare Count to 60 and find me, If you cant find me in 60 secs game over.'' (If you win that round you can move on to the next round) *Btw Iceflare is more of a Nice Demon just dont make her mad*
Go back to the bathroom and the candle should be blow out,There should be one candy heart that is Red.(you can eat it but eat it at your own risk)
Next you wanna light Your Second Candle of choice, Then right down (Something you want *It has to be something like a Jewel or Candy bar*) Then hold the Paper and put both hands on the mirror and say...
'Demon of Wishes, can you give me (Any candy bar or Jewel) If i win this round, We will play Truth or dare,.
(Then close your eyes and dont look at the Demon if you have a camera dont show it to the demon and cont to 20 then open your eyes and see the Truth/Dare and you haft to do it cuz it will be watching) *The dare/Truth will not be Death unless you break one of the rules*
When its done you have your gift in the bathroom by the candle you lit and the candle will be out*
Last round: Light the last candle then put your hands on the Mirror then Say..
'Let the Darkness Rise,Hell and Heaven, When i open the door there will be a note.. that says one thing thats in my future.. I played your games so let me see whats in store of my future!'
Then open the door in 10 secs and you should see a note if you dont check some were in your house.
Sometimes If you Bring Candy to the demon it will help you throw one hard thing in your life. make sure you keep the candy in the bathroom sink the hole Ritural and you should notise The candy Despering if you do so make sure its 3 pices though.