3 Spells in One

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> 1st: Breathe freely, stronger resistance of breathe than normal breathe. 2nd: Invisible Gills (not always worked)
3rd: Elements Breathe

You will need the following items for this Spell
For 1st: Lotions
For 2nd: None
For 3rd: (Elements) Candle

Casting Instructions for '3 Spells in One'

Not worked for everyone but worked for me!
For the 1st
• Sit down normally and grab the lotion
• Say while grabbing
Oh hidden water, colourful you are! I wish to take a control of you! Nose you will change for! Let me breathe freely, water! So please it be!

Open the lotion and soft it to your nose! You should breathe better than anyone!
For the 2nd
• Sit down normally and say
Goddess of Water, Fish, and Mermaids! Hear me now! Let me have invisible gills on my neck! So I can breathe like fishes and swimming in the sea! So please let it be! So mote it be!
For the 3rd
• Sit and put the candles in front of you
• Light it up and say
Dragons of dragons! Hear me now! Let me show everyone how strong are you! Give me the fire breathe of you that everyone will never have! So shall it be, honour and thanks I have given to you! So let it be, Dragon! So mote it be!
*** Side Effects ***
Feels your nose is stronger
Feels a thing on your neck
Something element inside your body