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A wish spell, meant to grant you three wishes. I don't know if you can wish for more wishes through a wishing item wished for by the spell, so I will test it.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Pen (preferably dip pen)
Ink (if using a dip pen, special ink works better)
Salt (and a container)
Item to make magical (if wishing for magical item and You already have it)
A safe place to store the wish paper

Casting Instructions for '3 Wishes'

Set up a small, comfortable area to cast the spell. If you are using a table, clear it off and move the clutter. Lay out the paper. Open up the ink (if any, dove's blood ink should be used) if you are using a dip pen, and get your writing utensil. If the ink will bleed, place the paper on a piece of cardboard.
If you are using a wish to enchant an item, get that out as well. Place it atop the wish you're using, and leave it in moonlight. (If you are wishing for a magical item and do not have one, it will come to you. Do not think too hard about it once you find it.)
Make a calm environment. If you're thirsty, grab a glass of tea. Make sure you're as comfortable as possible!
If you have any pre-spell rituals, perform them.
Now, start the spell.
Dip your pen (if using ink).
Write your FULL NAME (middle name not needed) at the top of the page, as small as you can. (You'll need space on the page.)
As I write my name I cast out all daemons, fiends and malevolent spirits of any kind that dare attack my spell, body or mind.
Sprinkle a pinch of salt over your name.
I ask of three things to be granted in the way that I have envisioned them. From my wish no harm will come to myself or others, either to grant it or as a side effect of its granting, and if I make a wish to harm others it shall be negated. There will be no other limits to my wishing. This is my offer, this is all I request. I shall write my wishes in ways that shall benefit myself and others, granted in a way that will not harm others.
Write out your first wish, then sprinkle a bit of salt upon it.
After writing the wish, read it aloud and say
This is my will, so mote it be. None shall harm or be harmed by the choice I have made.
Write the next two wishes and sprinkle the salt. After each wish, say the wish then the chant above.
Then, draw a pentagram at the bottom. It can be as simple or complex as you want, but make sure you draw it. Say
By the power of three, so mote it be!
Curl up the paper to put the salt in the container. Close the ink (if any) and leave the area. Dismiss spirits if necessary. If you have any post-spell rituals, perform them.
Make sure the paper is safe, it might break the spell if it's destroyed.
Message me results and info about how it worked out!