3rd Eye Enhancement

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To Help enhance and awaken your 3rd eye and it's energy

You will need the following items for this Spell
2 purple candles
1 Lavender Incense

Casting Instructions for '3rd Eye Enhancement'

After setting up your altar and lighting the candles, invoke the gods you often work with.
When ready, take the candles in hand and charge them with purple, spiritual and psychic energy. When they are radiating, place them down and light them. With each one you light say the following
'By purple light on this psychic night
I empower and radiate this candle with Psychic light'
Now sit quietly on your meditation pillow, utterly and totally relaxed and hear naught more than the sound of your breathing and heartbeat. Lightly touch the center of your forehead with your fingertips and imagine there is an opening which is emitting a shaft of bright purple light. now say the following
'My 3rd Eye powers are as strong as the rays of the sun and the moon. My psychic vision is wide and clear and the purest ocean. By the gods I bless and behold my second sight.'
Say this 9 times as you sit there. Finish up only when the candles are burned out.