5 Spells in one

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Warning: Not work for everyone
1st: Gives you a pair of horns
2nd: Gives you a pair of wings
3rd: Makes you friendlier with nature
4th: Elements Combination
5th: Eye colour change

You will need the following items for this Spell
1st: A picture of a pair of horns
1st: A (colour of horns) candle
1st: Voice and Belief
1st: Deep Concentration and Visualise
2nd: A picture of a pair of wings
2nd: A (colour of wings) candle
2nd: Voice and Belief
2nd: 3 (colour of wings) feathers
2nd: Can visualising
3rd: Voice
3rd: Leaf, etc (nature related)
3rd: Concentration
4th: Your elements (description)
4th: Voice and Concentration
4th: Candle/Dirt/Grass/Bottle/Water
5th: Voice
5th: Picture of Your eye colour
5th: Picture of eye colour You want
5th: Trust and Belief

Casting Instructions for '5 Spells in one'

Remember! Not work for everyone! But you should try!
The first spell
• Put the picture of the horns in front of you
• Put the candle in front of the picture
• Light the candle on
• Imagine you have the horns you want for 2-5 minutes
• While visualising, say
'Oh, Goddess, I want this pair of horns. This it what I want from long ago, I believe this will be happened. It will last permanently on my head. Now, please give mine! It will be (horns' colour) and will be shown to everyone! Make everyone not to be surprised when they see this! For this is my will, so mote it be!'
• Stay visualising and open your eyes, take the picture and hide it
• Turn off the candle
• But remember, every night, chant the sentences again until you get your horns!
*** Side Effects ***
Hurt on where the horns grow
Feels something in your head
Feels your head is heavy
The second spell
• Take the picture of the wings and put it on the floor
• Put the candle above the picture
• Light the candle
• Visualise: You're flying and have the wings
• Say this while visualising
'Oh, goddess, wings is what I want. Wings for me for flying will be shown to everyone, no one will be surprised. My (wings' colour) wings is what I want, for its my will, so mote it be!'
• Turn off the candle
• Chant this every night, until you get it! But hide the picture!
*** Side Effects ***
Feels hurt on where the wings grow
Bones where wings grow are more flexible
Hurts on arms
The third spell
• Sit cross-legged
• Put the nature related items in front of you
• Put your hands above the items and say
'Oh, (say all items) will be mine. I will be one with them, friend with them! So mote it be!'
• Smell, see, touch, and feel you are one of them!
• After that, say this
' Goddess of Nature, I will like me to one with nature, let me go friendlier with them. Nature is what I like. I will make no harm to the nature. So mote it be!'
• Feel you are one of them and you are now!
*** Side Effects ***
More friendlier with nature
Love nature
Mad and sad when a person hurt the nature!
The fourth spell
• Think what your elements are (how much you related with them)
• If fire, take some candle and sit
• If water, take a bowl of water and sit
• If wind, take the bottle and sit
• If earth, take the dirt and sit
• If nature, take the grass and sit
• Say this when the thing is in front of you
'Goddess of elements, this is one I will have. I'm related with this element, combine me with them. I will have them in my body and use it well! For its my will, so mote it be!'
• Visualise you're one with them and the elements come into your body and get in!
*** Side Effects ***
Love the element you are
Can use the element
The fifth spell
• Sit down and put the picture of your eyes in front of you!
• Say this
'Goddess of Beauty, this is my eyes. They are (what colour) and seems normally (human/glowing/shining/etc)! My eyes is not enough for me!'
• Put the picture of what eyes you want above the picture of your eyes!
• Say this
'Goddess of Beauty, I make a deal with you! My eyes I said to you before is not enough for me! I want to have this eyes, they are (what colour) and seems to be (shining/glowing/etc)! For this is my will! So mote it be!'
*** Side Effects ***
Feels there is a thing in your eyes
Eyes colour changes a little by little
Remember: You must believe or they will not worked!
Contact me if there's any problem (wmarvell007)