6 Figure Job

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> 6 figure job spell. This spell allows the witch to find a job opportunity that offers a 6 figure annual pay.

You will need the following items for this Spell
1 Green candle
1 Yellow candle
Silver glitter

Casting Instructions for '6 Figure Job'

Light the green and yellow candles. Take just a pinch of silver glitter and sprinkle it over the candles' flames. As you do so, visualize yourself in that job that pays you an annual 6 figure pay, see yourself happy and completely satisfied with your new pay opportunity.
Speak these words aloud
6 figures weave your way
Into my life and do not stray
In good hands you are to stay
Luck be a job with this kind of pay
After 24 hours from when you initially cast the spell, go looking for a job. It is sure to come to you in the right circumstances.