8 Power Wish

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Makes you come true a wish.

You will need the following items for this Spell
8 Paper
8 Days

Casting Instructions for '8 Power Wish'

I know I got this from a known website but try maybe it works without all that mess..
Write the number 8 on a piece of paper or print the number 8. Now get another piece of paper and write your wish. At night shine the number 8 upon the moon light.
Moon light (30 seconds)
Cloudy Moon (A Full Minute)
No Moon (2 Minutes Upon The Sky)
At 11:11 am go to a mirror and say your wish 8 times as you reflect the 8 paper and read the reflected 8. Do this for 8 days in a row.
After the 8 day, even if your wish came true. From the 8 paper and when you throw it let it go of your wish.