A Cancer Healing Spell

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This Spell has a VERY SMALL chance of working, so don't think that this will definitely work. The spell will be stronger the fuller the moon is or how powerful you are in magic.

You will need the following items for this Spell
5 Red Candles
Pentagram (Drawn or Printed will do)
Picture of the person with cancer
Wand, Knife or Athame
Strong Belief

Casting Instructions for 'A Cancer Healing Spell'

Lay the Pentagram on the floor, table etc. put the Candles at the points of the Pentagram and use the Lighter to light the Candles put the Picture in the middle of the Pentagram and chant
'Maleficium effusum est in potestate naturae eieci de corpore? Sic fiat!'
about 5-20 times the close your eyes and imagine a bright light burst out of the Pentagram.
This is also quite a dangerous spell it might take the cancer and put it in your body