A Chocolate Spell

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Chocolate was the Aztec’s Food of the Gods. In Mexico it is a required offering during the Days of the Dead which are November 1st – also known as All Souls day – and November 2nd and can be used to attract those who have passed over. Here it is used as an offering to calm the sacred space and remove the influence of restless spirits.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Your altar
A bar of the best chocolate You can afford
Metal dish
Four Element candles
Copal incense
Tea lights for those You wish to remember
One extra for the restless spirits
Your cauldron filled with marigolds

Casting Instructions for 'A Chocolate Spell'

Cast your circle since this is a time when the spirits are abroad. Light your four Element candles. Light the incense to cleanse and sanctify the area and to draw the spirits home.
Light your tea lights, except for the extra one, remembering each person briefly. Say: "I greet my ancestors and loved ones who have gone before me" Light the extra tealight and say: "I welcome those who wish me well
Break up the chocolate and put it on the metal plate, keeping one small piece in reserve. Hold the plate carefully over the tea lights until the chocolate begins to soften and perfume the air.
Contemplate what death means to you as you do so.(You may become aware of the presence of the spirits.) Say: "Welcome those who share my feast. May those not at rest now be at peace
Eat your own small piece of chocolate. Place the plate with the chocolate outside your front door for the spirits to enjoy. Sit quietly as the candles and tea lights burn down and enjoy the sanctuary of your sacred space.
Close the circle when you are done. Since the Day of the Dead occurs at the same time as Samhain this is a suitable way of celebrating and making space within your life for the good things to come. As you contemplate change and the death of the old also spare a thought for the life you wish to lead in the year to come.