A Long-Term Earth Spell

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An earth spell that brings your needs to you over a period of time.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Seed from a plant that is symbolically related to Your need.

Casting Instructions for 'A Long-Term Earth Spell'

This spell is ideal if you are a good gardener, and if you have a need that you don't mind waiting several months before it manifests.
Take a seed from a plant that is symbolically related to your need. Over a pot of soil or a special plot of land, hold the seed in your power hand(your dominate hand) and visualize your need strongly.
Speak to the seed. Tell it why you need its help to make your need come to fruition. Then plant the seed, giving it loving encouragement and water.
Tend to the seed when it appears and be sure that the plant doesn't die due to your own neglect or carelessness. If this happens, your need won't manifest. At least not until you do another spell.
If the plant grows up healthy and happy, expect your need to arrive. Once it has, take very good care of your magickal plant, for it not only represents your need, but it also is now a growing, living thing, which you brought to life in order to fufill your need.
You are responsible for the plant. Take care of it and it will sing to you alone all the secrets of earth magick.