A Love Spell (Works)

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This will make anyone fall in love with you. It's this spell that got me a boyfriend today. He said he loved me after I did this.

You will need the following items for this Spell
3 Candles (Preferably Pink)
Lighter or Match
2 Heart Shaped Rose Petals
Heart Shaped Locket
Your Blood (Fresh)

Casting Instructions for 'A Love Spell (Works)'

This spell must be done on a Friday in the morning or evening, that's when the Goddess Venus is most present. Place one candle to the left of you, right, and in front. Light them. Write the full name of your crush on the paper. Take the 2 rose petals and the paper with the name on it and burn it. While burning it, envision him or her in your head and chant: ''Let this man or woman love me as much as I love him or her
I shall give my life, soul, and love for (Crushes Name).'' After you are done burning them, put the ashes in the locket and wear it around your neck. Die out the candles with your fresh blood.