A- Medication Spell

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As you begin to understand colour correspondences, you can begin to use them in spells to keep you well. Many people have to take medication of one sort or another and this spell helps to enhance the action of your particular one. It does mean that you must take your medication at the times given by your health practitioner but you can add additional potency.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Your given medication
Healing incense (mixture of rosemary and juniper)
Anointing oil
Square of purple cloth
White candle

Casting Instructions for 'A- Medication Spell'

Anoint your candle with the oil. Light your candle. Light the incense and allow the smoke to -surround you. Sit quietly and imagine that you are well. Really feel what it is like to be functioning -fully. Sense how the medication will help you.
Pick up your medication and allow the -healing energy to flow through you to the -medication. When you feel it is charged sufficiently put it -on the purple cloth and leave it there until the-incense and the candle have burnt out. As you take your medication in future -visualize the link between it and you as it helps to alleviate whatever your problemsare.
You can further help yourself if, before you -take your prescription to the pharmacist, you place it under a white candle and ask for it to be blessed.
Do please remember that this technique is not a substitute for medication. You are asking for help in healing yourself and using everything that is available to you. The spell is designed to enhance the healing energy so that you can make maximum use of it. In working in this way you will also be enabled to do all you can to make adjustments in lifestyle and diet.