A Mermaid Spell

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Turns you into a mermaid. And you don't get to choose your tail color and powers.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Favorite necklace

Casting Instructions for 'A Mermaid Spell'

Say this once while in the bath/shower with your favorite necklace on
'Magic spirits of the deep
I would like a tail not two feet
Beauty upon me
fish of all kinds let me see
When I'm finished in the sea
When I'm dry let my feet return to me.'
You should get your tail the next time you touch water.
-It takes 10 seconds, so be careful.
-It's okay if you tell and/or show people, as long as they have permission.
-Your tail color and powers depend on your personality.
-Your tail and powers won't go away if people see them.