A portal to underworld

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Opening a portal to hell.
using this spell are needing a lot of consentration and fire!

You will need the following items for this Spell
2 black candles
2 red candles
fire (lighter)
upside down pentagram made of oil
Black and red robe
bowl with oil

Casting Instructions for 'A portal to underworld'

put all of the candles on table then fire them.
then take the oil, and draw with the oil a upside down pentagram, around the table (but not to close!!)
put the bowl with oil on the table
fire the pentagram, and the oil who is inside the bowl.
Put the blood and the bones inside of the bowl with burning oil, then say: from fire of earth, to fire at hell, make(place you are)a living hell!!! Dracul, diablo,(then scream) TEPEZ!!!
if it doesnt work it could be because the blood isnt fresh enough.
but it worked for me!