A Random Spell of Good

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This is really weird... it doesn't actually have a purpose, but it will only bring you good. It worked for me so it should for you.

You will need the following items for this Spell
A few coffee granules
A jug or empty jam jar (medium)
A really small jar
A teaspoon of vanilla extract
2 bay leaves
1 bluebell flower head
1 cutting board
1 knife
1 dandelion leaf
Hot water
3 lilac flowers
1 orange flower
1/4 slice lemon
1 small pinch of cinnamon
1 sprinkle of sugar
1 three-leaved clover

Casting Instructions for 'A Random Spell of Good'

Put into your jug/jam jar as follows
The coffee granules: no more than a pinch of these should go in.
The sugar: just a sprinkle will do.
The cinnamon: make sure it's powdered and don't use a spoon for it, or it will be too much.
The vanilla extract: a vanilla pod works too.
The hot water: pour until the container is nearly full,and don't touch it.
The lemon: if possible, grate in a little zest.
The bay leaves: stir them in nicely, but don't crush them.
The orange flower: it smells good... even better in your potion!
The bluebell: plop it in.
The dandelion leaf: chop it up finely, then put it in.
The clover and lilac flowers: put these in while chanting
In this potion I make for me, (put in one flower and one clover leaf)
I invoke the power of three, (put in one flower and one clover leaf)
Earth, wind, fire and sea, (put in one flower and one clover leaf)
Help my spell with powers thee! (put in the stem of the clover)
Your potion is done, but feel free to add in whatever leaves you want.
Bottle up the potion (preferrably sill hot)and stand outside in a place where you won't be noticed using magic, but where the jar will smash. Say this spell
My magical spell
With delightful smell
Bring good luck to me
In whatever form
Whether in a swarm
Or coming piece by piece.
Drop the jar by your feet so it smashes. Something positive will happen to you soon up to a month or two. It's different every time.