A Simple Binding Ritual

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Taken from the move The Craft. This spell actually worked quite nicely for me.

You will need the following items for this Spell
1 Picture of the person You will be binding
1 Black ribbon
1 Black candle

Casting Instructions for 'A Simple Binding Ritual'

Cast the circle in your normal manner. Kneel at your altar, and bless all Items. Now take the persons picture, and hold it at eye level. Envision a big black X over their face. Now pick up the black ribbon, and begin wrapping the persons picture (Specifically their face then proceed down) while saying
'I bind you (persons name) from doing harm. Harm against other people, and harm against yourself.'
Repeat until you have wrapped the entire ribbon around the picture. Drip some of the black candle wax over the ribbons end, draw an equal armed cross over the entire thing and say
'It is done'
Release the circle, take the picture outside, and bury it.