A Simple Love Spell

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A simple love spell which anyone can do

You will need the following items for this Spell
1 picture of each of the persons involved. Eg. one of You and one of Your crush/lover.
An open fire or red candle
Some red or pink string

Casting Instructions for 'A Simple Love Spell'

Cast your circle as you normally would
Write the name and birth date of each person on the back of their picture
Take the red or pink string and thread the 2 pictures together, ensuring their face are looking at each other.
When the pictures are now "one" throw it into the fire or hold it over the candle, and as it burns say: " Fates, Sisters three, If it is your divine will, Let these two be, happy together eternally, So mote it be!
Close your circle.
Note: This spell is NOT Wiccan friendly. Even though you say "If it is your divine will", so you aren't forcing anyone, you are still casting a spell on another without their permission...