A Spell For Sleep

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You should be able to fall asleep quickly and have a deep, restful sleep throughout the night. When you wake the next day, you will be refreshed and alert.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Anoint a candle, preferably white, with lavender oil.

Casting Instructions for 'A Spell For Sleep'

Anoint a candle, preferably white, with lavender oil. Light the candle and focus on the flame for a moment, watching it dance. Think of it representing your state of consciousness — bright, awake. Charge it by the moon and meditate, then recite
'Candle burning in Moon’s light, aid me in my sleep tonight
Give me rest so that I may be ready for the coming day'
Breathe in deeply and as you exhale, snuff out the candle with your non-dominant hand. As the candle goes out, feel yourself drop suddenly to a deep, restful state (but be careful that you don’t immediately lose consciousness — make sure you get to your bed first!).