A Spell To Attract Money

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To bring money into your life.

You will need the following items for this Spell
6 Green Candles
Brass Plate
9 Coins
Dried Basil
Piece of Silk material

Casting Instructions for 'A Spell To Attract Money'

* During the waxing moon phase, prepare a circle of six green prosperity candles on a tray made of brass or any shiny metal. Use small, broad-based candles so that the wax can flow on to the tray.
* Heap nine coins in the circle.
* Light the candles, starting in the North, saying
Light of increase, shower on me money and security. Bring, I ask, prosperity.
* Leaving the coins in the centre, push the candles so that they are almost touching and the wax flows on to the coins. Allow the candles to burn down.
* When the wax has hardened, cut a disc containing the coins and sprinkle dried basil on the wax for added prosperity.
* Leave your coin amulet where it can catch any light, day and night, from the waxing to the full moon and when the Moon begins to wane, keep it wrapped in silk in a drawer. If necessary, repeat the
spell when the crescent moon is in the sky, turning it over three time on the crescent.