A Spell to Say Goodbye to Debt

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Remember that even quick-and-easy spells must be done with vivid intent and visualization. In terms of tools for this one, you can substitute for the five of pentacles that represents your debt, but make sure it will burn.

You will need the following items for this Spell
A red candle
Tarot's five of pentacles
Empty bowl
When: During the waning moon

Casting Instructions for 'A Spell to Say Goodbye to Debt'

Light the red candle. Red represents energy and what you're doing here is drawing on energy to cancel your debt. Say the following words
Debt begone
lickety split
dept begone
before I spit.
Then take the five pentacles or whatever objects symbolizing your debt and and pass it through the candle flames until it catches fire. Let it burn to ashes in the empty bowl. Pitch out the candle's flame, then toss out the candle. On the next new moon, bury the ashes far from your home.