A Werewolf Curse

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Werewolf spells aren't real. You must use a curse, I will test this on myself.

You will need the following items for this Spell
A wand
Another wizard
1 red and 1 white candle
Dead rose petals

Casting Instructions for 'A Werewolf Curse'

Sit down and have your friend sprinkle dead rose petals around you. Put salt on each side of you where your going to put the candles, and place the white candle on the salt on the left side. Do the same thing with the red candle but on the right side. Have your friend light the candles with a match white one first. Then have your friend point the wand at your heart: Moon, moon, symbol of the wolf, I take the curse of the werewolf and give it to (your name). (He/she) will turn every full moon for the rest of (him/her) life. I place this curse on (your name)! Then have your friend blow out the candles red one first. I am testing this tonight with my friend, anyway I will edit this when I do. Mail me results and side effects:)