A Wish

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Get a wish to come true (ex. Happiness, Love, Luck, Good grades) and also repel a negative subject that is in your current life.

You will need the following items for this Spell
A vase or large cup
Matches or lighters
2 pieces of paper
A blessed pen

Casting Instructions for 'A Wish'

Put your candle in your vase or large cup. Write what you wish to accomplish or gain. On another paper write something you want to repel.
Fold the positive paper towards you. Fold the negative paper AWAY from you. Light the candle. Burn 1 paper after another until they are ashes.
If you want, you can have water at the bottom but it has to be there BEFORE you lite the candle. Let the flame burn or candle burn out, Never blow a candle out its disrespectful. Keep your vase somewhere safe and possibly hidden.