Ability Over Fire

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Casting Instructions for 'Ability Over Fire'

The mental manipulation of fire and heat.Accomplished by the acceleration of particles to increase warn temperatures to an extreme unit of heat to emit sparks and thus catch fire to.
Most with this gift have the ability to increase their personal temperatures to find comfortable warmth in even the coldest of conditions.
Many who have this ability work with negative energies which tend to be a warmer form of energy then positive energy.
These psychics tend to be full of negative energies and thus very hot to the touch,or in a lack of negative energies are quite frozen to the touch.
Pyrokinesis is the ablity over fire.This is an advanced skill, and can be dangerouse to others around you if you don't have controll over it.The key to Pyrokinesis is focusing on what you want the flame or fire to do,and willing it to happen.Here is a list of a few ways to develope and increase you pyrokinesis skills.
• Dancing Flame
• Basic Fireball
• Raising Temperature
• Fire Blast
• Fireball
• Fire Blade
• Fire Fuse
• Fire Shield
• Dragon Blast