Abundance Energy Spell

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A spell to obtain Abundance.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Pure Spring Water
Glass Bottle or a glass
Leaves of Green Sage
Nutmeg or Clove Incense

Casting Instructions for 'Abundance Energy Spell'

Set your altar up as you see fit. When ready invoke the gods of your pantheon. Particularly the gods of abundance. never invoke a god not of your faith nor a god you know nothing about. When done, speak first prayers and give your offerings.
Now fill the bottle or tall glass with the spring water. to this add a few leaves of green sage. this is the edible sage leaves you can get at the grocery store or your garden. Make sure its garden variety, NOT white sage.
Now take the bottle in hand and start to send into the bottle abundant energy of green, gold and silver. As you do this chant the following
'Oh great gods, as you know my life is in strife
The pains I suffer are like that of a sharp knife.
I prayer that abundance will enter my life
And ride my troubled mind and body of strife.
Gods of my forefathers and myself, guide me
Bless me with with the gift of prosperity.'
Now go ahead and drink the sage water and go about your day. If you made alot save the rest in a dark cool spot and have more later at night. Just repeat the chant from about again. Do not let the water sit for more than 24 hours or the sage leaf will start to taint the water and make it taste old.