Abundance Moon Spell

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A full moon abundance spell

You will need the following items for this Spell
Glass bowl
Small round mirror
Spring water
3 white floating candles
White flowers
Tumbled Moonstones

Casting Instructions for 'Abundance Moon Spell'

Arrange a centerpiece for your altar. Use a clear glass bowl or dish and place a small mirror in the bottom of the bowl. Add water, and place three white floating candles in the dish.
Next add three white floating candles. Surround your entire centerpiece with white flowers moonstone. Gaze into the mirror and meditate on the reflected candlelight.
Invoke your divinities as of your pantheon. Particularly gods of Abundance and the moon. Do not invoke divinities not of your own pantheon and gods you know nothing about.
After first invokations, offerings and first prayers, light the candles floating in the water. Now hold your hands over the bowl and start to charge the whole with abundant silver light. As you do this repeat this chant slowly night times
'As the Moon controls the tides of the sea
So it's rhythm rules our living lives.
Through cycles that are ever changing
first waxing and then waning
In different phases, yet the same.
What was once poor, lacking and desilute
Now bring forth abundance for ____________.
My lady of the moon
My Lord of abundance
Please bring to _____ Happiness and abundance.'