Activate your Inner Witch

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This spell will help you activate your inner witch, it will grant you the power to be listened to by nature as you call for our mothers help

You will need the following items for this Spell
4 candles(red for fire, blue for water, green for earth and white for air)
Quartz crystals (4 not necessary)

Casting Instructions for 'Activate your Inner Witch'

Draw your pentagram. Light your candles in each corner of the pentagram facing the 4 element points each candle on each element. Get your crystals and put them in between the spaces on your pentagram Chant:"Now's the time, Now's the hour, ours is the magic ours is the power." x3
This spell is for 4 people if it's for 1 then only use one candle that represents your element, and use 1 crystal placing it on your element.