Air Spell (Flight)

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This spell allows you to fly for a week.

You will need the following items for this Spell
1 small silver/white candle
1 bird feather (any kind, not black)
A lighter
1 small quill
4 light string/lace

Casting Instructions for 'Air Spell (Flight)'

Set down all the supplies. Connect one string to the quill and another to the feather. Then, tie a string to the other end of the quill, and another to the other end of the feather. Arrange them in a circle. Put the candle in the middle.
Start chanting the following words
I wish to see the wonders of the world
Without a need for money
I wish not to ride a plane
But instead take this chance to fly.
Woe be me if I cannot.
Gods please grant my wish.
Immediately after chanting, light the candle and wait for it to burn out. Any leftovers of the candle should be disposed of after.