Air Transfer

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This spell will let you hold the power of the air and control it at your will.

You will need the following items for this Spell
One yellow candle
A feather

Casting Instructions for 'Air Transfer'

Go outside with your candle and feather, and sit down cross legged. Put the candle down in front of you and light it. Now, take the feather, and touch the tip of it to the center of your forehead, or your third eye. Breathe nice and slowly and as you do, recite this spell as you hold the feather to your head
Guardian of the watchtower of the North, Master of wind and sky. Lend me your ancient power. Keep me strong with the wind's cry. When you breathe, allow it to move through me. Give me ancient powers".
Burn the feather over the candle and say, "Accept this sacrifice. Allow me the will and power over your watchtower. So mote it be". Then blow out the candle to finish the spell.