Al Qawlu Qawlu Sawarim

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This is an ancient arabic spell used by Saracens when they were fighting the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire. It is considered to be the strongest defense spell known in the arab world

You will need the following items for this Spell
1 red flower
Olive oil
Oak leaf

Casting Instructions for 'Al Qawlu Qawlu Sawarim'

Once you get the ingredients, light the candle after you washed it with the milk and place some olive oil on the tip of the candle. Then you will need to have the red flower close to the candle and the oak leaf at the right of the candle. Warning, this is very important. It should not be on the left side because it will reverse the outcome of the spell. After you've done that, visualize a barrier and chant " Al Qawlu Qawlu Sawarim " five times with deep voice (It is pronounced Al Auwlu Auwlu sauwarim).The deserts of Arabia will then protect you.