Alchemical Spark

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This spell will conjure a bright spark. Take great care, as it can easily ignite wood.

You will need the following items for this Spell
A pinch of magnesium powder.
A pinch of manganese powder.
Some glue.
A small sheet of paper.
A black pen.
A flame of a candle or a lighter (for casting).

Casting Instructions for 'Alchemical Spark'

Inscribe the paper as to draw spirits of fire to it.
Mix the powders while chanting
Metal, fire, magic mark
Hear my will and make a spark!
Add glue to the mix and roll a ball, wrap it in the paper while the glue hadn't dried out yet. Chant
Water, plant, all world around.
The fire sleeps until it's doubled.
Let the ball dry. Now you have prepared the alchemical component of the spell.
When you want to cast it, light the ball on fire while chanting
Here I give the second fire.
Spark of flame is my desire!
Throw the ball before the spell activates. You should have a bright spark and a bit of fire.