A-Light Spell

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This spell enables us to practice in the safety of our sacred space, before venturing out into the everyday world. It is not so much a healing technique as an energising one. The closer we come to an understanding of the powers that we use, the less we need protection and the more we can become a source of spiritual energy for others

You will need the following items for this Spell
As many white candles as feels right
Equivalent number of holders
Anointing oil of frankincense

Casting Instructions for 'A-Light Spell'

Anoint the candles from middle to bottom-then from middle to top. This is so you achieve a balance of physical and spiritual energy. Place the candles in the holders on the floor in a circle about six feet in diameter.
Standing in the circle, light the candles in a clockwise direction. Stand in the centre of the circle and draw the energy of the light towards you. Feel the energy as it seeps throughout the whole of your body, from your feet to your -head. Allow the energy to spill over from the crown of your head to fill the space around you.
Now, visualize this cocoon of light around -you gently radiating outwards to the edge of your circle of candles. When you feel ready, sit on the floor and allow the energy of the light to settle back -within you. Ground yourself by sweeping your body -with your hands in the shape of the above figure, but do not lose the sense of increased energy. Snuff out the candles in a clockwise direction, and use them only to repeat this technique until they are used up.
Gradually, as you become used to the sense of increased energy, you should find that you are more able to cope with difficulties and to become more dynamic in the everyday world. It will become easier to carry the light within you not just within the circle of candles, and you may find that you perceive more ways in which you can help the world go round.