Altar of Wealth

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This spell rite takes time and is not intended to bring wealth and abundance immediately.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Makings for a Money/Abundance Altar
Dish/bowl of coins
Items on the altar will vary depending on each person

Casting Instructions for 'Altar of Wealth'

Erect your wealth altar as you wish. Place the altar close to your front door to craw abundance into your home. If you do not have the space for an altar a wall shrine will do just as well. It should reflect all aspects of bringing wealth to the house. Suggestions are gold or silver altar cloth, image of wealth divinities, a bundle of grain, gold and/or silver candles, mice totem. Make sure the altar DOES NOT face out the door. This will cause wealth to fade.
When finished constructing the altar, cast your own personal circle or whatever opening ritual you do and invoke your own personal divinities associated with abundance, fortune and wealth. After your opening prayers speak the following
Dear sweet God/dess
Lord/Lady of grace and wisdom
God/dess of fortune and the goodness therein.
To you I pray
See here in the sacred place
an altar to thee if have designed.
A place of sanctuary and hope.
In this sacred space may you and I convene
That we may share words and wisdom
where your gifts to me you may share.
In this sacred place I have made
May your joys and gifts be placed
by your generous hands.
At this point you may wish to hold a rite of offerings, giving incense, libation, food and/or gifts. If you offer incense, it should be a blend that is associated with wealth and abundance.
After offerings are given, speak the following
Sweet and generous ________, God/dess of fortune
To you I beseech and pray
Low on funds am I and I am in dire need
As you may well see.
Please _______, My God/dess
I ask of thee
make this altar of wealth a fountain
A vessel which can collect that which I so need.
This I ask of thee.
Bring your divine blessings to my home
and have them delivered here.
Heal that which is a current wound in my life
That of the lack of funds to eat and survive.
Take a moment and relax. Now take up the bowl and place the coins inside. With the bowl in hand reach up high with you over the altar. Chant the following
Sacred and immortal God/dess _______ to you I pray
May the sky open up and may your gifts be delivered here.
May this vessel of abundance overflow with your generosity.
Visualize a opening in the space over your altar open up, like a tunnel between you and the divine realm. then from this tunnel visualize coins of gold and silver starting to shower down into the bowl. Here then clinking in the bowl and starting to fill it. Slowly place the bowl back down on the altar.
Now sit there and continue to visualize the bowl filling up. Take you time with this. See some of the coins fall out and land on the altar. That's more than okay.
When done, speak your final prayers of thanks and finish up. From this point on, for the days ahead continue to visualize the coins falling into the bowl, overflowing the bowl and even burying your altar in gold and silver coins. Each day make sure you stand in front of the altar and increase this visualization and thank the goddess.
As stated above this is not an INSTANT fix to money problems and may take a couple of weeks to manifest. Just continue the visualizations. See the altar space daily and at every moment increasing with coins till you feel the need to "walk around" the altar so not to step and trip on the coins.
This spell has been performed and several occasions by myself and others in my group and has worked each time. But remember that it needs patients.