Amanus Omnipotentia

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This spell is used to summon the forces of light and the will of Primus to inspire you in your magic journey and help you in demon hunting

You will need the following items for this Spell
9 white candles
1 palm leaf
1 white quartz piece (no matter the size)

Casting Instructions for 'Amanus Omnipotentia'

Surround yourself with the white candles then light them up. Put the white quartz in front of you and the palm leaf on your food (meditation position required)
It should be practiced during mid day when the sun is at its peak as this is a symbol for maximum light. You should take your time to relax by taking a few deep breaths and to channel as much essence of light within your veins as possible. As you stay in the meditation position look up and chant the following 9 times
Oh supreme lord Primus
hear my voice, hear my soul
I wish to do your will in that to hunt
Down demons and be inspired by your grace.
Give me the power of a light wielder
make me your son/daughter.
Arm me with thine grace and guide me in this holy task.
Thine will be done, Thine light shine
Upon me as I walk with you!
So mote it be!!!
Then extinguish the candles blowing lightly on each of them having in mind an image of a sword made out of light that gets in your hands. Kiss the quartz with a light and short kiss then whisper "it has been done
Embrace the Palm leaf and then keep it in a sacred place for as long as you wish this spell to last and for as long as you want to be protected and inspired by Primus in your journey. Be aware that demonic attacks may occur after this spell cause they have been challenged by the light of Primus. But allways have in mind that you have the power to send them in any of the 7 hells that they belong.