Amber Wish Spell

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This simple spell will turn your wish (a realistic wish) into reality. However this spell is for simple wishes and not big ones like winning a lottery or the like. However it will work for wishes like promotion or getting a job etc. with some help from the caster.

You will need the following items for this Spell
A peice of Amber
Your charm bag

Casting Instructions for 'Amber Wish Spell'

STEP 1: Get a piece of amber.
STEP 2: Hold the stone in your left hand while focusing on your wish... and visualizing how it will FEEL when your wish comes true. Not "if"... but "WHEN".
STEP 3: While you are visualizing, rub the amber with your left thumb in a clockwise motion. (This is very important)
STEP 4: During the day, keep the amber in your left pocket and rub it periodically during the day.
STEP 5: At night, place it in your favorite charm bag and place it under your pillow.
PS- If you have successfully cast the spell, then you will get a dream about your wish at night. And soon the wish will turn to reality.