Amethyst cleansing spell (easy)

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Cleansing spell

You will need the following items for this Spell
-clear quartz
-white candle
-full moon

Casting Instructions for 'Amethyst cleansing spell (easy)'

1. Cast a circle (if you want to)
2. Ask the moon for her cleansing magick (if you want to)
3. Set up your crystals and candle in a line like this
4. Light the candle
5. Touch the amethyst with one finger and feel the energy of the amethyst.
6. Say: take away its negative energy
Take away its pain
Cleanse this crystal
And make it happy
I cast this spell
So note it be
7. Stop touching the amethyst
8. Blow out the candle by saying thank you
(9. Do whatever you do after a spell)