Amethyst Healing Oil Spell

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This healing oil can be used for both aromatherapy and message.

You will need the following items for this Spell
You will need one-quarter ounce of Almond oil
25 Drops of Lavender essential oil
5 Drops of Lilac scented oil
4 Drops of Carnation essential oil
1 Drop of Jasmine-scented oil
1 Drop of Rosemary essential oil
5 Coriander Seeds
Bottle with a top large enough to fit all of the ingredients
Amethyst Crystal

Casting Instructions for 'Amethyst Healing Oil Spell'

Mix all of the oils plus the coriander seeds together in the bottle. Put the cap on the bottle, and shake vigorously while chanting
Goddess of the sacred healing flower
Grace this oil with your divine power.
Using your breath, clear the amethyst crystal by imagining a clear mountain stream. Next, send the image into the crystal by pulsing the breath out of your nose at the same time you send the image into the crystal. Repeat this process three times for the best results. Now, imagine a magnificent healing flower opening up in your mind’s eye. At the mement the flower fully opens, use your breath to pulse the image into the amethyst. Repeat this process three times.
Place the amethyst crystal into the bottle of oil and leave it there. Anoint yourself with the oil after dark whenever you like. Anytime you have a chance, place the bottle of oil in a place where it can absorb moonlight. This will strengthen the healing effects of the oil. When you do this, ask for the help of a moon goddess. Use the oil within a couple of weeks for best results.
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