Ancient Romanian vampire spell.

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This is an old spell that may or may not work. It worked on my cousin, but not on me.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Candle (optional)
Meditation position on Your bed or any place comfy

Casting Instructions for 'Ancient Romanian vampire spell.'

If you have a candle, light it and place it on any typw of bedside table.
If not, sit in a meditation position on your bed. My advice is to turn off the lights. Then chant this
M? angajez s? întuneric. nu voi mai umbla printre oameni. În cazul în care dintii ar trebui s? fie, voi avea col?i. În cazul în care o foame pentru produsele alimentare este, voi fi foame pentru sânge. Mi-a? dori s?-?i verse forma mea uman? în spatele ?i a devenit unul dintre voi, un vampir. Aceasta este voin?a mea, a?a praf sa fie!
It means I pledge myself to darkness. No longer will I walk among humans. Where teeth should be, there will be fangs. Where hunger for food should be, I will be hungry for blood. I wish to shed my human form behind and become on of you, a vampire. This is my will, so mote it be!
Right after you say the spell, you'll feel light headed. Then you'll pass out. When you wake
up, you'll be a vampire.
Mind control
Bat transformation
The ability to heal others.