Angel Wing

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This spell will allow you to have wings of any natural color choice.

You will need the following items for this Spell
A feather (any color)

Casting Instructions for 'Angel Wing'

Hold the feather to your shoulder blade (under the shirt) and say this spell 2 times
Wings wings fly me away. Feel them touch them, fly with them, not just an illusion. Wings of (color) wings of (color). My wingspan is large to carry my body here and there almost everywhere. All I have to do is leap up and touch the sky unfurling my wings so fast. My weight divided by 5 will carry me cross the sky. My wings will be visible to all living things, but not when I close my back then they will say hidden tough but tight. Tomorrow I want to wake up with these wings let then grow not just appear fastly growing and getting stronger day by day let then be fully grown in 6 days this is my wish so mote it be by the power of 3"
Now hold the feather under your shirt on your other shoulder blade again and say the spell 2 more times and the spell has been cast