Anger Curse

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You give someone a boost of untamable anger! It only lasts a few hours though.

You will need the following items for this Spell
2 red candles
1 black candle
1 orange candle
1-2 unopened flower buds (the more buds, the more power)
Red writing utensil

Casting Instructions for 'Anger Curse'

Place the candle's in a triangle shape, the red candles at the bottom, the orange candle at the top, and the black candle middle. Light the black candle first, then the orange, then both reds.
Now, take the red pencil and write the person's name that you want to curse.(Be careful) Then take one of the flowers and put its bud over the orange candle's flame, let it catch fire then blow it out after a few seconds. Quickly sprinkle the smoldering bud's ashes on the paper. Now do the same thing with the other flower bud and a red candle.
Now, pick up the paper carefully, don't let the ashes fall off. Place the paper over the black candle's flame, while it starts burning say
'O' (your Deity)
(Person's name you want to curse) has done me wrong
Only you can do what is needed
Make their spirit burn like a wildfire, hot and dangerous
So make it be!'