Anger Release

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to release old anger or resentment. this should be for major anger that you are having issues releasing. not petty issues.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Something representing the cause of the Anger
Token representing You.
Red Silk Cord/Yard/String
Silver Candle

Casting Instructions for 'Anger Release'

Set up your altar as you see fit and invoke the gods of your pantheon to help. As always never invoke gods outside your faith nor gods you know nothing about. Give your first prayers to the gods and then your offerings.
Now begin the spell by taking the silver candle in hand and start to send silver calming and emotional energy in to the candle. As you do this chant the following 7 times
Silver power, silver light
Take away the hate I feel this night.
Candle of the moon, candle of the stars
Restore my emotions and heal my scars.
Candle of paraffin, candles of wax
Take away my anger, this I ask.
Now place the candle and place it on your altar and light it. Feel its energy resonate out all about you. Now take up the item that represents your anger. If there is no item, make it a drawing that is rolled into a scroll. Place it against the item or drawing that represents you. Bind them together with red yarn or thread, but be sure to leave part of both items exposed to the air.
Tie off the yarn with a strong knot, leaving extra length on the tails. Take the bundle outside to a tree or bush and tie the bundle onto a branch with the loose ends. Let the bundle hang, but fasten it securely. Then say
I release resistance.
I let go of control.
I allow this to be.
Let the bundle hang for seven days. This will return you to harmony. Then remove it from the tree and bury it.