Animal Ear and Tail of a Fox

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Have you ever wanted to have the tail and ears of a fox like Malia Tate in teen wolf now you can be like Malia. Well it worked for me. If it works for you just email me.

You will need the following items for this Spell
a hand drawn picture of a fox's tail
a hand drawn picture of a fox's ears
full moon
1 red candle
a triple moon
1 white chalk

Casting Instructions for 'Animal Ear and Tail of a Fox'

take the candle and light it outside on the full moon put the hand drawn pictures around it and say this spell
with white chalk draw a triple moon around the candle and pictures
during this full moon and everyday for the rest of my life with this hand drawn pictures of a fox tail and ears i will keep the secret i will not tell anyone about my ears and tail so mote it be so mote it be this is my wish so gods/goddess please make me have a fox tail and ears
*side effects
better hearing
throwing up
animals will be more friendly with you