Animal Guardian Angel

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to protect your pet.

You will need the following items for this Spell
~1 White Candle
~ Frankincense
~ Lavender Smudge Wand
~ Matches

Casting Instructions for 'Animal Guardian Angel'

Hectate: dog and frog
Atargaris: fish
Anat: horse
Bastet: cat
Lilith: snake
Aphrodite: all creatures
dress the white candle with frankincense and light it. speak respectfully and address appropriate deity. an appropriate offering is also suggested.
'I am the caretaker of one of your children.
I appeal to you for aid and assistance in protecting [pet's name].'
[you may add more or change if you wish, and be sure to add how you wish to take every opportunity to protect the animal you both love. be warned Lilith and Anat are vengeful and temperamental.]
light the lavender with the candle and use the smoke to form a safeguard around your pet.