Animal Morphing Potion

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This potion and spell will make you slowly morph into your chosen animal!

You will need the following items for this Spell
Bowl big enough to fit 1 or both Your hands in
Pink food colouring
One or two mint leaves

Casting Instructions for 'Animal Morphing Potion'

Get the bowl and fill it with water but not so it over flows. Put the food colouring in the water FIRST and then the sugar and stir till the sugar dissolves. Rip apart the mint leaves/leaf as much as you can and then stir it in the water. Put one or two hands in the bowl (depending on the size of the bowl) and say the spell ONCE
Make me sprout two _____ears and a _____. Slowly turn into a ____. Sprout ____ and grow _____. Turn into a ____.
Example to morph into a wolf: "Make me sprout two white fluffy ears and a white tipped tail. Slowly turn into a wolf. Sprout grey fur and grow white paws. Turn into a wolf.
Then take some of the water with the mixed ingredients in and put it in a cup. Drink that mixture and you should slowly start to turn. The morph will eventually ware off in half an hour to three hours.